Comprehensive Portfolio


 On this page you will find titles and examples of every service that I offer: consulting, ghostwriting, developmental and general editing copyediting,proofreading, proposal writing, and interior book design.  I have samples and references for all of these services.  My portfolio shows that I have worked for a wide variety of publishers, literary agencies, and authors, covering a diverse cross-section of fiction and non-fiction.

I specialize in helping authors develop their drafts into manuscripts that are attractive to publishers. Part of this process is my signature edit, which is a deep line edit and proofread designed to give authors first class feedback on their work and how to improve it.  I also serve as a writing coach, partnering with authors from draft to publication, offering a full range of professional writing tools.  


I have experience editing and proofreading resume/cover letters, university catalogs, academic journal articles, dissertations, books, academic research papers of all levels and in both APA and Chicago style. 

My edited works are published by:
Trafford Publishers -- A Penguin Books Company
Rose Moon Press
CELA Publishing
Suncrust AB (Stockholm)
Sunstone Publishing Group
Samples are designated with a white arrow.

My Work as a Consultant and Writing Coach
Christopher Tabora.  Why Magicians Can Sell Anything.  MindScramblers Books, 2014. [consulting: business sample]

Ravi Venu, The Crystal Guardian Series: Book I - The Exiled Prince. Cratus Media, LLC in 2012  [consulting: fantasy sample]

John Pribble, Private Money Secrets for Real Estate Investors, Self-publishing, 2013 [consulting: b
usiness sample]

My Academic Consulting Experience
NIV Quickview Bible. Zondervan, 2014

How Jesus Changed the World. Zondervan, 2014.

Sam Mesgal-Sutton. Working Title: Kuwait.  Publisher Unknown, 2014. [consulting: political writing sample]

Charles Cancilla. The Matriotism Behind the Moustache: A Personality Analysis of Adolf Hitler. Publisher Unknown, 2015.

Brad Adams. Research for Non-Fiction. Publisher Unknown, 2015.

Armen Melikan. Journey to Virginland Trafford Publishing, A Penguin Books Company, 2013 [consulting: academic / philosophical writing sample]

Dietra WiseCan Anything Good Come from Nazareth? A Womanist Hermeneutic for Preaching Not Just for Black Women. DMin Thesis, Aquinas Institute of Theology.
[consulting: thesis editing sample]

Sam Mesgal-Sutton. Losing Islam.  Publisher Unknown, 2013 

(Religious, Academic)
[consulting: historical writing sample]

Sam Mesgal-Sutton. "Untitled Reports."  Think Tank, 2013 

My Manuscript Assessment Experience
Nigel Ross, Siege in the Sahara Desert. Kindle, 2014 (Mystery, Thriller)
Nigel Ross, The Doomsday Code. Kindle, 2013. 
(Mystery, Thriller)

Fiction Publications Edited and Proofread
Jessica McQuay, Black Moon. Cambridge Press, 2012
[fantasy / romance / YA fiction sample]

Kendrick Nugent, Blue Hood: Myths of War. Lulu, 2013

Sharon Hollander, His Final Notice.
Self-Publishing, 2014
[romance / crime sample]

Sharon Hollander, An Imperfect Husband.
Self-Publishing, 2014

Sharon Hollander.  An Absent Wife. Self-Publishing, 2014

Julie Sarff, Sweet Delicious Madness and the many Mysterious Deaths of Silvio Berlusconi.
Amazon Digital Services, 2012 
[romance sample]

Julie Sarff, Italian Folly: Prologue to Sweet Delicious Madness and the Hordes of Lydias.
 Rose Moon Press, 2013

G. Stokes, Jr., Fireson Bay. Charles Rivers Press, 2013
[crime sample]

Ejaz Khan, Once Again. Stockholm: Suncrust AB, 2013

Ejaz Khan, Life Water. Stockholm: Suncrust AB, 2013

Ejaz Khan, Emron the Unknown Hero. 
Stockholm: Suncrust AB, 2013

Ejaz Khan, Santanna. Publisher unknown.

Ejaz Khan, Children of the East. Publisher unknown.

Non-Fiction Publications Edited and Proofread
Lilian Penna. The Paths of Destiny. Unknown publisher, 2015.[sample report]

Greg Green, Reunion Ready.  Sharper Quill Books, 2015 [fitness sample

Ferzana Gillani, Lupus: My Constant Companion and My Inspiration. Self-publishing, 2013
[self-help / inspirational sample]

Shanene Higgins, ed. Woman of Passion, Purpose and PowerHiggins Publishing, 2014 

Travis Dougherty. Evolution Evolves: A Presuppositional Approach Against NaturalismSledge PressCuyahoga Falls, Ohio, 2014

Karen D. Greenwood. Romance with the Master: 21Ways to Connect with GodOakland, CA: Higgins Publishing, 2013
[Christian living sample

Charlene Stepney-Wright. Brow Science: A Professional's Guide to Perfect Brow Design with BrowBelt. Prettypreneur Publishing, 2013. [business sample]

Andrew Rupert, Graduating with a .08, Self-publishing in 2013
[young adult living sample]

Paramjit Kaur, Rise to Riches: It's Your Birthright! Self-publishing in 2013

[motivational sample]

Paramjit Kaur and Andal Krishnan, Rock Star Principles for a Teen's Happiness. Trafford Singapore, 2013
Nancy Janke, Positive Choices, Positive    Behavior: How To Improve Your Character, Life, and Relationships. Forthcoming from Respectful Words, LLC, 2014
(Self-Help, Inspirational)

Prof. Arvind Agrawal. How India Found its Feet: The Story of Indian Business Leadership and Value Creation. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013. 

[business sample]

Isaac Dodd, MCAT Planner: For the Serious Pre-Med Student. Self-Published, 2012

MariAnne Dibbley, Teaching English through the Bible: A Pictorial Approach, CELA Publishing, 2012

Dr. Antonio Grimaldi, The Candidate. Authorhouse, 2013
[business sample]

Dilip J. Karnik, The Karnik Dysgraphia Program for Children.  Self-Published, 2012 (Medical Education Workbook)

Mike Mears, The Hatchery: A Single Egg in the Nest of a World Gone Mad. Forthcoming, unknown date. 

Mike Mears, Leadership Secrets of the CIA. Forthcoming, unknown date. 

Patrick Nachtigall, In God We Trust? A Challenge to Modern Evangelicals. Anderson, IN: Warner Press, 2014
(Christian Living)

Tom Necela, Chiropractic Appeals Toolkit. The Strategic Chiropractor, 2012.
[medical business sample

Tom Necela. Build a $300,000 Per Year Massage Practice in Your Chiropractic Clinic. The Strategic Chiropractor, 2013

[medical business sample

Apostle (Dr.) John King Hill, Beholding the Glory. Self-publishing 2014
[Christian theology sample

Apostle (Dr.) John King Hill, Perfect Love. Self-Publishing, 2014

Apostle (Dr.) John King Hill, Mysteries of Heaven. Self-Publishing, 2014

Apostle (Dr.) John King Hill. Glory Heaven Rulership. Self-Publishing, 2014

Apostle (Dr.) John King Hill. Dominion Power of Rulership. Self-Publishing, 2014

Michael Norman, Conscious Thought. Self-Publishing, 2013
[political fact checking sample]

Michael Norman

Conscious Thought II
Self-Publishing, 2014 

My Book Reviews
Jason JahnsG-ManA Mormon Spy Story. Phoenix: North Star Books, 2012 [fiction / mystery review]

Julie SarffSweet Delicious Madness and the many Mysterious Deaths of Silvio Berlusconi.

Amazon Digital Services, 2012 
[Romance novel review]

Reviews for Ryan L. Romance Novelletes.  

My Reviews of Children’s Books
Patricia DerrickAnimalations Series. 12 volsAnimalations, 2007-2012

My Publications
My revised dissertation, "Reading 1 Corinthians with Philosophically Educated Women," was published in May 2014 by Wipf and Stock Publishers. An excerpt from the book is available from Amazon and other retailers.

My Academic Articles
“Women in Philosophy and the Agon Motif in 1 Corinthians 9.” Perspectives in Religious Studies 36.1.  For an approximation of the article [sample from my book]

“I. Howard Marshall’s use of 1 and 2 Corinthians in Kept by the Power of God,” a response to I. Howard Marshall’s book Kept by the Power of God: A Study of Perserverence and Falling Away. Eugene: Wipf and Stock, 2008 (previous editions: Paternoster Press, 2005, 1995; Bethany, 1975; Epworth, 1969).  Forthcoming in Testamentum Imperium, 2013.

Academic Reviews
Joynes & Rowland, eds., From the Margins 2: Women of the New Testament and Their Afterlives, in The Bible and Critical Theory 7, no. 1 (2011), 61-6. 
[sample academic review]

Marianne Bjelland Kartzow, Gossip and Gender: Othering of Speech in the Pastoral Epistles.  New York: Walter de Gruyer, 2009, in The Bible and Critical Theory 7, no. 1 (2011), 67-9.
[sample academic review]

Perkins, Pheme. Reading the New Testament: An Introduction. 3rd ed. Mahwah, N.J.: Paulist Press, 2012. [hard copy; 1st ed. 1978].

Sheppard, Beth M. The Craft of History and the Study of the New Testament. Society of Biblical Literature: Resources for Biblical Study 60. Atlanta, Ga.: Society of Biblical Literature, 2012.

Kartzow, Marianne Bjelland. Destabilizing the Margins: An Intersectional Approach to Early Christian Memory. Eugene, Oreg.: Pickwick Publications, 2012.

My Self-Published Books
Nathan Barnes, Charles Hodge (1797-1879): His Views on Darwinism and Slavery. Published by Smashwords in 2013.
Nathan Barnes, The Rise and Fall of El Sid. Proposal stage, 2015 (Fiction).