My Work as a Consultant and Writing Coach

My writing and consulting services meet a broad range of needs. I specialize in coaching first time authors through the entire writing process from the first word to final publication.  I can help a first time or seasoned author along any step of the way, which is why I offer stand alone consulting for a specific part of the project for academic, non-fiction, and fiction works.

Christopher Tabora.  Becoming a Sales Magician.  MindScramblers Books, 2014.

Sam Mesgal-Sutton. Working Title.  Publisher Unknown, 2014. (Academic)

Ravi Venu, The Crystal Guardian Series: Book I - The Exiled PrinceCratus Media, LLC in 2012  (Fantasy)

John PribblePrivate Money Secrets for Real Estate InvestorsSelf-publishing, 2013 (Business)

Sample Business / Real Estate

My Academic Consulting Experience
NIV Quickview Bible. Zondervan, 2014.
Sample Academic Consulting

Armen MelikanJourney to Virginland Trafford Publishing, A Penguin Books Company, 2013.
Sample Academic Consulting 

Dietra WiseCan Anything Good Come from Nazareth? A Womanist Hermeneutic for Preaching Not Just for Black Women. DMin Thesis, Aquinas Institute of Theology.
Sample Thesis Editing

Sam Mesgal-Sutton. Losing Islam.  Publisher Unknown, 2013. (Religious, Academic)

Sample Academic Writing

Sam Mesgal-Sutton. "Untitled Reports."  Think Tank, 2013. (Academic)

My Manuscript Assessment Experience
Nigel RossThe Doomsday CodeKindle, 2013. 
(Mystery, Thriller)

Nigel RossSiege in the Sahara DesertKindle, 2014 (Mystery, Thriller)
Sample Mystery / Action Novel

Michael Norman, Conscious ThoughtSelf-Publishing, 2013.
Sample Political Fact Checking

Michael Norman

Conscious Thought II
Self-Publishing, 2014 

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