I am currently looking for authors who need their manuscripts edited and proofread beginning in Jan-March 2024.  If your goal is to publish your book by the end of the year, now is the time to contact me. I love reading new books and meeting new authors!   

I am always working on projects that need just one or two components of the writing process because I love standalone editing and proofreading a book just as much as consulting for an entire project.

For finished manuscripts, I can typically edit, copy edit, or proofread a book in about three weeks

For developing or writing a book, the process takes about three months, and I only do two books at a time.  

Recent Projects
J. F. Ridgley. Red Fury Rebellion and Games Romans Play. Forthcoming in March 2024. 

Justin Taylor Hughes, Be Golden. Available on Amazon.

Pete Lotterhos. Life Extraordinary and Sober. Available on Amazon.

Full Service Coaching and Publishing

Pete LotterhosThe Five Principles of Coaching in Management. 

Featured Books

Bret RandallThe Peregrine. Sharper Quill Books.

Project included consulting, structural and developmental editing, general editing, copyediting, and proofreading. Bret has chosen to submit his outstanding book to awards and contests and publish next year.  Good luck, Bret!

Mannie MagidShades of Healing. 

Project included proofreading and book design for ebook and print.

Chasity K. AdamsReclaiming the Self: The Four Disciplines of Emotional Self-Care. 

Project included consulting, structural and general editing, proofreading, book design, and proposal writing.

Editing and Proofreading
All editing projects are currently for universities, literary agencies, and publishers.

Freelance Editing / Proofreading

Senior Editor

Senior Research Editor

Freelance Editor and Proofreader