Signature Deep Line Edit

The following samples are from books that I edited which were published in the last year. They include all seven steps of my signature editing process.

1)  Deep line edit of the book. 
2)  Identify any inconsistency in logic or flow. 
3)  Identify any errors in grammar, spelling, and syntax. 
4)  Suggested corrections in comments and track changes. 
5)  Upon request, I will write a short review of book (300 words).
6)  I will create a document outlining the nature of the errors/corrections along with constructive feedback. 
7)  As an added value, I remain in contact with authors for questions and clarification on further drafts.

My edited words are published by:
Trafford Publishers -- A Penguin Books Company
Rose Moon Press
CELA Publishing
Suncrust AB (Stockholm)

Fiction Publications Edited
Jessica McQuay
Black Moon
Cambridge Press, 2012

Blue Hood: Myths of War
Lulu, 2013

Sharon Hollander
His Final Notice
Self-Publishing, 2014.

An Imperfect Husband
Self-Publishing, 2014

Sharon Hollander.  An Absent Wife. Self-Publishing, 2014.

G. Stokes, Jr. 
Fireson Bay 
Charles Rivers Press, 2013

Ejaz Khan
Stockholm: Suncrust AB, 2013.

Ejaz Khan
Life Water
Stockholm: Suncrust AB, 2013.

Ejaz Khan
Emron the Unknown Hero 
Stockholm: Suncrust AB, 2013.

Ejaz Khan. Santanna. Publisher unknown.

Ejaz Khan. Children of the East. Publisher unknown.

Non-Fiction Publications Edited

Dietra WiseCan Anything Good Come from Nazareth? A Womanist Hermeneutic for Preaching Not Just for Black Women. DMin Thesis, Aquinas Institute of Theology.

Ferzana Gillani
Lupus: My Constant Companion and My Inspiration
Self-publishing, 2013
(Self-help, Inspirational)

Karen D. Greenwood
Romance with the Master: 21 Ways to Connect with God 
(Oakland, CA: Higgins Publishing, 2013)

Charlene Stepney-Wright
Prettypreneur Publishing, 2013. (Business) 

Andrew Pupert
Self-publishing in 2013
(Young Adult Living)

Paramjit Kaur. Rise to Riches: It's Your Birthright! Self-publishing in 2013 (Motivation/Religious)

Paramjit Kaur and Andal Krishnan

Rock Star Principles for a Teen's Happiness
Trafford Singapore, 2013

Nancy Janke
Positive Choices, Positive    Behavior:
 How To Improve Your Character, Life, and Relationships
Forthcoming from Respectful Words, LLC, 2014
(Self-Help, Inspirational)

Isaac Dodd
MCAT Planner: For the Serious Pre-Med Student
Self-Published, 2012
(Medical education)

Dr. Antonio Grimaldi
The Candidate
Authorhouse, 2013

Mike MearsThe Hatchery: A Single Egg in the Nest of a World Gone Mad. Forthcoming, unknown date. (Business)

Mike MearsLeadership Secrets of the CIA. Forthcoming, unknown date. (Business) 

 The Strategic Chiropractor, 2012

Tom Necela. Build a $300,000 Per Year Massage Practice in Your Chiropractic Clinic. The Strategic Chiropractor, 2013 (Business).

Apostle (Dr.) John King Hill
Beholding the Glory
Self-publishing 2014

Apostle (Dr.) John King Hill
Perfect Love
Self-Publishing, 2014

Apostle (Dr.) John King Hill
Mysteries of Heaven
Self-Publishing, 2014

Apostle (Dr.) John King Hill
Glory Heaven Rulership
Self-Publishing, 2014

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