Fiction Publications Edited and Proofread

When I edit your fiction work, my top priority is making your voice clear and consistent so your readers will experience the text as you intend.  I have broad experience in editing novels, young adult fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, philosophical novels, and autobiographical fiction.  I am always eager to read new genres, and I'm interested to read what you've been working on.

Below is a select list of edited and proofread fiction with samples.

Fiction Publications Edited and Proofread
Jessica McQuayBlack Moon. Cambridge Press, 2012
Sample Fantasy / Romance / YA Fiction

Kendrick NugentBlue Hood: Myths of War. Lulu, 2013

Sharon HollanderHis Final Notice.
Self-Publishing, 2014. 
Sample Romance / Crime

Sharon HollanderAn Imperfect Husband.
Self-Publishing, 2014

Sharon Hollander.  An Absent Wife. Self-Publishing, 2014.

Ejaz Khan, Once AgainStockholm: Suncrust AB, 2013.

Ejaz Khan, Life WaterStockholm: Suncrust AB, 2013.

Ejaz Khan, Emron the Unknown Hero
Stockholm: Suncrust AB, 2013.

Ejaz Khan, Santanna. Publisher unknown.

Ejaz Khan, Children of the East. Publisher unknown.

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