My Services

I offer professional editing services to authors including developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, book design, and proofreading. 

If you are self-publishing, you are the CEO of a one-book publishing house. Congratulations! You are responsible for making sure that your book is properly edited and formatted so the reader has the experience that you intend. This usually means that your book needs developmental editing to make sure that the content is focused and organized, line editing to correct grammar, copyediting to ensure consistency, formatting so it is readable by a professional printer and ebook reader, and proofreading to catch any errors.

If you plan to look for a traditional publisher or literary agent, you still have many of the same needs. You want to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward, presenting a polished manuscript rather than an unrevised draft.  I can help you refine your manuscript to attract the best contract.

Developmental Editing

Your book needs a developmental edit if you have a manuscript that has too few or too many words. This editing process brings discipline and focus to your writing by developing an outline that for nonfiction organizes your thinking to feature your voice and argument.

Line Editing

Every book requires a line edit to make sure that grammar, syntax, and word choice are correct. At the Sharper Quill, we don't just correct grammar and syntax, we work to make sure that the reader has the experience that you intend. I typically use tracked changes in Word and insert comments based on our work with more than 1,000 bestselling books. 


The purpose of a copyedit is to establish consistency in language, capitalization, and word choice. I go through every word of your manuscript to make sure that every time you use a word, you use it the same way from beginning to end.

Formatting and Book Design

After the book is finished, I can format it for print and ebook with all major book distributors for self-publishing. Formatting includes a PDF that can be published by Amazon or Barnes and Noble or an independent printer and an ebook format that can be published by all major distributors. I can also format the book according to industry standards for submission to traditional publishers and literary agents.


I provide a final proofread of the formatted manuscript to catch any errors introduced in the process of editing, revising, and formatting.

To begin the editing process with me, I need to know something about your book. I offer a 1,000 word free sample edit. Please fill out the contact form below and I will respond with a brief manuscript assessment, a sample edit, and a proposal that includes a description of what I can do to help, my fee structure, and turnaround time.