Monday, July 08, 2019

I have been working as a freelance editor for publishers, literary agencies, and independent authors since 2001. This website is my personal portfolio.

I specialize in helping independent authors write and publish books, dissertations, research, and novels. I offer a comprehensive service designed to help authors from the first word all the way through the publishing process. 

I've been asked so many times about the writing process that I've written a book about it. This book will tell you how we write and publish world-class content.  Contact me today about your book at and I’ll send it to you for FREE.

When you self-publish a book, you are running your own one-book publishing company. You're the editor-in-chief, and it's your responsibility to oversee the polishing of the manuscript.  The text must undergo several rounds of editing and formatting before it's ready for your audience.  The Sharper Way shows you what this process looks like. 

Depending on how much work that you've already done, you can have your book finished in as little as three months.

Let's begin a conversation today about editing or proofreading your novel, nonfiction, or academic manuscript.  

Whatever you choose, I will go the extra miles to make your book a success.